A Guide to Perfect Bridal Skin

Congratulations on your engagements lovelies! Your wedding is such a MAJOR event and I know every bride-to-be wants perfect, glowing skin on your perfect day! Here are a few things to get you started…

1.) Make a plan likes its your J-O-B–  Set up a consultation at least six to nine months before the big day (basically ASAP). How do you want your skin to look on your wedding day? Do you have a vision or theme? Make sure you are sharing all of this information with your skincare expert because you want to ensure you are both on the same page. When clients come visit me at Poppy Stockwell Skincare for my Bridal Skin Bootcamp, we can talk about customizing a schedule for your specific goals and address the areas that need improvement (ie. pigmentation, breakouts, lifting & firming). I believe that skincare is part of whole body wellness, so we also talk about nutrition and lifestyle changes that can make your results that much better. It is a no fail plan to get you on your way…

2.) Rejuvenate and correct– When starting professional skincare treatment, consistency is a key factor! In general leading up to the wedding, I recommend treatment sessions two to four weeks apart. This allows us to pin point specific concerns and use a product & treatment combination to reach our goal. All of my clients are given customized products when starting my Bridal Skin Bootcamp to ensure they are treating their skin with optimal care wherever they are, your home routine is a must!

3.) Nutrition– Start thinking about the popular phrase “you are what you eat”, it’s true! During my Bridal Skin Bootcamp I discuss nutrition and how the foods you may be eating can contribute to problematic skin. You may not realize that your skin is the largest organ and the LAST organ in your body to receive nutrients. This is why we need to make a conscience effort to feed our skin what it craves along with supplementing with the proper skincare products. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and eating the right foods for your body will make a world of a difference.

4.) Excercise– Sweat it out! On a day to day basis we are exposed to so many toxins and pollutants, which are absorbed into our skin. It is so important for us to not only exercise for the health of our body (and look hot in our wedding dress), but also the health of our skin. Regular exercise helps to increase circulation and blood flow, helping capillary walls to repair themselves and the skin to be oxygenated. Didn’t you ever wonder why you have such a nice post workout glow?

5.) Men need skincare too– Don’t forget about your handsome Groom! All of these steps can be applied to your GTB, they want to look dapper on their wedding day too!

**Remember clear, smooth skin creates an amazing canvas for makeup. Make sure you are working with your makeup artist to determine your wedding day vision and schedule your trials and how-to lessons several months in advance.

Happy Wedding and I look forward to seeing your gorgeous pictures!!

xoxo, Poppy