Is the SPF in makeup really protecting your skin?

If you are browsing the isles for your perfect foundation, you may notice that many of them contain SPF, but are they really providing the full protection needed? 

Having SPF in your foundation or powder makeup is great, however there are requirements of how much needs to be used in order to have protective benefits. In general you should be using about half a teaspoon of SPF for the entire face (typically about a shot glass size for the full body), most people are only using 25-60 percent of the product needed to reach the SPF labeled! That is a scary thought when 90-95 percent of skin aging is due to sun exposure. Relying solely on your makeup for sun protection would mean that you would need to use at least double, if not triple the amount for full coverage. Not so appealing...

My suggestion? Instead of drowning your skin in foundation, try applying a layer of SPF 30+ first, followed by a light application of your daily makeup. Voilà happy, healthy skin!

Happy Summer, xo!